The LIL Show

One of those comedy podcast things.

London Improv Live!


You what?

Weekly podcast. Comedy guests. Chat. Stories. Scenes.
Characters. Awkward pauses. Songs. Haha. Boo-hoo. Cut to.
Jackie Chan. Chris Akabusi. Stupid joke. Good joke?
Good joke. See you next week. Any last words?



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Ok then.


Is it any good, though?

Here's what some white men said:

"Had the pleasure of improvising on The LIL Show. Free-wheeling, seat of your pants fun that generated a lot of laughs. Still waiting for the check to clear."
- Colin Mochrie, Whose Line is it  Anyway

"The LIL Show is doing a great job of breaking barriers in the improv scene. A well structured show & the most fun we've had in ages!" - Steve Roe, Hoopla Impro

"The greatest improv we've never seen!" -